A Biblefresh experiment

You may recall on Monday that I commented on the exponential growth of the News of the World’s value in its last days. It seems to me that as Christians we have in our hands a book with the news of the world in it, from start to finish.  At the time I proposed an experiment: putting the Bible on Ebay simply as ‘book’ to see if it would sell on the basis of its contents.

Today that experiment goes live on ebay:

I have specifically chosen a Bible with a plain cover, and avoided all religious jargon in the description. You can take a look for yourself here. All money from the sale will go to the DEC East Africa appeal.

There are a number of ways in which you could use this experiment:

  • If you blog or tweet – draw attention to it to see how much interest we can create. Best to use #Book or NOTW hashtags
  • If you want a subtle way to tell your social media friends that you think the Bible is important to you – why not put it on a wish list or suggest they buy it for each other?
  • Use the experiment to talk about a mystery book which seems to have so many answers
  • If you or your friends miss out on this sale – you might just have to run it again yourself!
Watch this space…