History of an image

This morning friend on Twitter directed me to an item in USA Today where a dietician was commenting on the portion sizes at the last supper. Apparently a statistical analysis of artistic depictions shows the main course rising by 69% and the loaves by 23%.

Over the years, of course, the Last Supper has attracted all manner of artistic depictions, some of which are below. Click each image  for another one:

Image: bricktestament.com

Image: drexelbrookcatering.com

The last one you have seen pictures Philippino street children seated around an upturned packing crate. The artist, the late Joey Velasco, has pictured children with whom he had actually worked – which lends an extra poignancy.

One of my favourite depictions is the spectacularly inaccurate last supper scene on the wonderful Calvaire at the parish church of Guimilau, Brittany. If you look carefully, you will see that in this 15th century granite depiction Christ is preparing to tuck into a roast pig! However, it is worth bearing in mind that this particular Calvaire was intended as an outdoor teaching aid.It even  has a pulpit built into it, so that the preacher could point to any one of the 200 gospel scenes and expound on it. Maybe the stonemason was just contextualising ahead of his time!

Image: 3.bp.blogspot.com