QR possibilities

People who communicate the Gospel are always pointing to a reality greater than themselves. Though plenipotentiaries to speak on the Gospel’s behalf, their words, actions, gestures and tone can only point imperfectly to something which is older, deeper and more wonderful than any of its advocates. The most finely crafted sermon in the world is at best an invitation to step into the circle of God’s more perfect grace. The most richly honed religious sculpture or the most meticulously painted religious painting is only a signpost to a reality which belies either chisel or brush.

Those of you who read my earlier post will know that I have been fascinated by the work of a group of artists in Northern France who have employed QR codes as a gateway to their other work. Is there a possibility for Christian communicators here , I wonder? Since a Christian communicator  is always pointing to a profound reality beyond their own work, could QR codes be used in an artistic way to acknowledge that? The possibilities to start from an artistic and aesthetic base before branching out into all sorts of other media are enormous.

Below is my crude attempt at trying that concept on for size. Each panel of the cross takes you to different echoes of its impact. The echoes could be different, or more carefully selected, I am sure. The panels could be brought out in different colours too. They could be incorporated in a far more subtle and interesting way into a work of art.

I throw this particular gauntlet down before anyone more able than I to pick it up…