…the Bible between us

Just recently I came across an ingenious scheme by a group of A level French students faced with the daunting task of reading a French novel. Rather than struggling through the whole thing alone, they have turned it into a shared experience through social media. This is how it works. They have divided the book up into groups of eight pages. Each day each student reads their allocated eight pages, writes a plot summary of them, and then posts a Facebook message with the summary and thereby passes on the virtual baton to the next reader. Nobody gets too overwhelmed, the book gets read, and social media time serves an academic as well as a social purpose. Brilliant!

Now – how many times have you heard Christians say that reading the whole Bible is too much of a daunting task? Even when many sign up to a scheme such as “Bible in a year” where we draw mutual encouragement from knowing others are doing it – the journey can still be tough. Sometimes even reading a longer Bible book can seem like a big ask. What if we were to take a leaf out of these French students’ book, though? What might it look like with a worked example?

  • Homegroup agrees to read the book of Job between them.
  • Each day each member reads one chapter of the book.
  • On completing their reading they summarise the thrust of their chapter in no more than 100 words
  • They post their summary on Facebook, thereby passing the reading baton on to the next person
  • By the time the task is complete, the homegroup have read Job between them, and have a ‘personalised’ summary of the book.
  • Each reader will know ‘their’ particular chapters than ever before, through having had to summarise them
Of course the scheme is not without drawbacks. If the person in the queue ahead of you is late back from work,or otherwise delayed – it may be late in the day before the baton comes to you.However, in the intimate context of a homegroup where people know each other well, such things can surely be tolerated?
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