So much is said

Although estimates vary, most people seem to agree that the number of words per minute in average speech is approximately 100.  If that is that case, then the little video below is verbally undernourished, at just under 100 words for two minutes. I’m sure you will agree, though, that it is not lacking in  impact.

In just over two weeks, my bookWho Needs Words will be published. The title is born of the belief that we do indeed need words. God has made us speaking creatures – just as he is the speaking God who articulated a universe out of nothing. Our words enable us to describe the best and worst of things to those who haven’t seen them.  Our words enable us to describe those things which might be to those who have not imagined them. As a Pastor I get to use my words to join two souls together at the moment of marriage, and I get to stand at a graveside and commend a Christian soul on its journey with words of ancient pedigree.  These are not small things and they are not mere words.

In the end, it all comes down to choosing the right words for the right occasion. What do you think of film-maker ccodyguy’ s choice of words in this short film?