Reasons to stick with Twitter

Yesterday I started reading Elizabeth Drescher’s new book “Tweet if you love Jesus“, and I was not more than 10 pages in before I encountered the old adage that Twitter is all about telling the world what you had for breakfast. Needless to say, the author would like to counter that particular point of view!

In the past hour I have had one tweet reminding me that today is International Day of Peace, and another telling me about a very different kind of disturbance in my little corner of the world. Click on the image below and you will see a very rough estimate of the number of deaths going on in different conflicts all around the world at this very  moment.

In a world where some people are worried about the foxes in their back garden, and others are worried about armed rebels in their front door, I am grateful for anything which keeps me posted about the world beyond my office.

Let’s face it – its always international day of something, isn’t it? Today, though, the little blue bird has disturbed my thoughts with his raucous chatter – and I am grateful to him.