Communications confessional

Words are a gift from God, and language is one of those things which enobles the human race. Of these truths I am sure. To quote from a recently published book on the subject:

The ability to form and receive words may be seen as a gift, a precious element of our make-up as created beings. As we have seen, it carries all sorts of possibilities, both negative and positive. It gives us the ability to create new realities and destroy old certainties simply by speaking. It equips us for creative endeavour and exposes us to careless failure. As such this gift must be treated with both wonder and caution.

Hmm – wonder and caution, eh? I would guess that every one of us has had the experience of opening our mouth only to change feet!  If you have a few minutes on a Saturday morning, why not use them to enter the small communications confessional below?

When I wrote Who Needs Words it was written out of a profound sense of gratitude for the priceless gift of language. It was also written with an uncomfortable awareness that our communication, both written and spoken, often lets us down. We sow muddle when we want confusion, we sound angry when we want to sound compassionate and message gets swallowed up by medium instead of being enhanced by it. My hope is that by taking a warm, human and spiritually honest look at communication we can all improve some aspects of it. After all – there is plenty of scope!