Outfitting the protesters

As anti-capitalist protests fan out across the globe there are, not surprisingly, winners and losers. Whoever the losers might be, the manufacturers of masks based on the 2006 film V for Vendetta are definitely amongst the winners.  The masks have given a common ‘anti-establishment’ identity to the protesters and have been spotted in capital cities around the world. The thing is, as the protests spread, supply is outstripping demand. The official masks are running out and so somebody is knocking out cheap imitations – thereby denying the exceptionally wealthy film industry of their cut.  The irony is hard to avoid.

Its not just Warner Brothers whose nose it out of joint though, it would seem. For some a counterfeit anti-establishment mask just isn’t good enough. One person wrote in to a website selling them:

‘the strap on these ones are thin and flimsy unlike the actual thick ones on the genuine masks; the V for Vendetta sticker on the back of the mask has a spelling mistake and finally, the masks are extremely poorly cut’

I suppose it is those who see the masks, rather than those who wear them, who are meant to be uncomfortable?

Image: BBC - click here for more on the story