Confessions of a blogger

If you’ve ever watched any medical drama, from Emergency Ward 10 to ER, you’ll know that ‘flatlining’ is a serious issue. The term refers to that moment when the patient’s heart monitor switches from a steady bleep with a rising and falling trace to a single monotone bleep…and a flatline trace.

I am on holiday just now in a lovely old cottage in the Welsh hills with an internet signal about as steady as the stock market. I am posting this today, but may be unable to do so on other days. Whatever will I do if the trace below turns flat? Many of the things we do online are based on a system of rewards for clicks. A click here brings up a graphic there, a “like” on this site brings a “like” on that and so on. This is one of the things which makes our time online enjoyable. However, they can be quite addictive too. It can be a short step from monitoring our stats, to stressing about them. What should be read as a thermometer becomes instead a heart monitor – a vital sign of online life. (See this other post) When the trace turns flat, we start checking ourselves for signs of digital health.

For the time being, I shall leave my worries about the trace to one side. I’m sure they’ll look after themselves, and in the meantime I’ll concentrate more on the horizon outside – which is far from flat, and all the more lovely because of it.