Twenty Six things

When I first started blogging, a wise person assured me that I would know that the blog was serving a purpose if people started disagreeing with me. Working on that basis. yesterday seems to have been a useful day – with over 700 visits to the post, and comments both in enthusiastic agreement and forceful dissent from both sides of the Atlantic.  Such discussions, surely, are what a blog is for? Not only that, but the degree of response is evidence that people care passionately about the content, presentation and character of preaching.

In one or two comments I alluded to the fact that whilst yesterday’s five points centre on the preacher’s character, I have written elsewhere on technique. The 26 points I alluded to are below – and as you can see, they are pretty varied. Of course, if you want to know what I actually say about them, you’ll have to read the book itself. You can find it here.

Keep this discussion (and disagreements) coming – God is served by thoughtful preachers!


A is for anointed                                  N is for numinous

B is for biblical                                    O is for organic

C is for Christ-centred                         P is for pneumatic

D is for dangerous                               Q is for quickening

E is for embodied                                 R is for rhetoric

F is for faithful                                     S is for structured

G is for genuine                                    T is for teamwork

H is hwyl-driven                                   U is for unfinished

I is for illustrative                                 V is for vulnerable

J is for juxtaposed                          W is for wholehearted

K is for kinetic                                      X is for X-factor

                                                  L is for love

M is for mimetic                                           Y is for you

Z is for zeal