Just another day at the office…

I know one very brave minister who had the perfect retort to the snickering accusation that he ‘only worked Sundays’. He would always enquire as to whether that was why he was only paid Sundays?  He’s a braver man than I to say such a thing- and anyway I meet very few people now who believe it to be the case. Today is one of those very varied days which spice up the life of local ministry. The schedule so far looks something like this:

  • Early morning prayer meeting
  • Christmas planning
  • Publicity for People”s Bible visit tomorrow
  • Music scheduling for Christmas
  • Writing an article on verbal violence in the pulpit
  • Early preparation for Digimanc
  • Funeral planning
I used to find it very difficult to switch from planning to pastoral and back again. Early on in my ministry I wondered what had become of me that I could counsel a widow one minute and tell a children’s story the next. Actually, nothing had ‘become of me’ – it was just part of the job to which I have been graciously called. Occasionally the emotional acrobatics gets the better of me, but not so far today.
How do others manage the undulating landscape of ministry, I wonder?

Image: wizmicro.com