Web retention

I spent the day yesterday with a group of highly motivated people at the Digimanc conference. All were brought together by a common desire to communicate effectively about both church and kingdom. There was a whole range of skills on offer, and everyone from accomplished experts to tentative beginners in the different aspects of online communication.

One of the more memorable descriptions from the day was that of the orb spider, whose web is six times stickier that that of any other breed of spider. Like the orb spider, we were told, our web pages should be sticky so as to retain their visitors.Now it may be just because I am something of an arachnophobe, but I found that image just a little predatory. I prefer the image of a sticky burr (or ‘sweetheart’) pictured below. These little seeds are designed to attach themselves to you, and thereby be carried off to germinate elsewhere. I love the idea of designing web content which sticks in the heart and imagination so much that it is carried off by the web visitor to germinate in other fields.  This has often been my experience, where an idea from a technological or current affairs website has been carried off and taken root in my theological ‘patch’.

Images: teagantimes.wordpress & dhh.louisiana.gov

Which image do you prefer?