Not so fast…

Earlier today I saw this post by Ron Edmondson. In it he gives a intriguing rationale for pastors being online in just seven words. I have to confess, though, I find myself unconvinced. I write that even as an enthusiastic advocate of online Christian presence. I have numerous concerns:

  • Online relationships must have offline impact if they are to be of lasting value.
  • If we go online because that is where the people are, what about those who are not? (8.5 million in the UK alone have never been online)
  • Reaching and keeping are two very different things, as any Pastor will tell you. How do we nurture those whom we meet online when they need a physical pastoral presence?
  • If we believe in the sacrament of pastoral presence – allowing God to be made manifest in the actions of his people, is there an online equivalent?
  • Is there a danger of turning into digital giraffes?

I am grateful to Pastor Edmondson for his elegantly simple post – but there is a debate to be had!