A story of collaborative creativity

  • Five months ago, whilst other people were praying for me, I took a retreat. On that day, I planned the programme for my church for the Autumn, including a ‘teatime advent special’ on November 27th.
  • On November 21st I sat down to write a story for that event, inspired along the way by  Jewish storyteller from Brooklyn, living in Amsterdam, whom I met in London.
  • On November 27th the story of ‘the littlest star’ was read in public for the first time, and everybody loved it. At that moment the idea was born to publish it in aid of the wonderful life-enhancing work of Shooting Star Chase. This is when the collaboration really kicked in.
  • Simon, who runs a local town website, blogged about it.
  • Viv, who is a stand up comedian and writes for a national newspaper, offered to help with it.
  • Holly, who serves on the social media team of an international relief agency, offered her time and expertise to help publicise it.
  • James, who runs a creative agency in Durham, provided a series of spectacular illustrations for it (one of which you see below)

Up until this point not a penny has been paid to anyone. Time, prayers, artwork, story-writing and expertise have all been offered for nothing. However, that needs to change.  If the book is to get out on sale before Christmas, money must be found to print it. The need could not be more acute. Yesterday, Shooting Star Chase published the results of a survey amongst the seriously ill children for whom they care. Asked about their best Christmas wish ever, 48% of them said that it would be to spend Christmas at home with their family. To launch this ‘Hospice at Home’ service will cost Shooting Star Chase £500.000.

If you can help, please contact me via this blog, and help to send the littlest star on his way.