Adjusting the contrast

Been so busy with the ‘Littlest Star‘ all week that there has scarcely been any time to blog. However, the picture below has been nibbling at the edges of my mind ever since I saw it on Saturday, and it just won’t go away. It was in one of those “greatest photos of 2011” collections, and to say it is troubling is an understatement. If a picture on your television had this much contrast you would try to adjust it! There are so many incongruities and contrasts here that it is hard to know where to start. Click on the picture first to see it in full size, and then perhaps you can add to the list beneath it?


  • The suit- why is this man in a suit in such a barren place?
  • The contrast of wealth and poverty
  • The sleek neatness of the ipad and the harsh emptiness of the dead cow
  • The climate change victim, and the product of an industry which contributes towards climate change
  • The potency of technology to record, analyse, and maybe even change such a situation – contrasted with the apparent  impotence of humankind in the face of natural disaster.

What would you add to the list? I would love to know, via the comments…