…what the left click is doing.

According to Beverly Macy in the Huffington Post earlier this week, many companies have a confused and contradictory social media strategy. After citing a particularly glaring example she states that ‘the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.‘ At this point I was already wondering whether the same might be said of churches. However, any lingering doubt I might have had was dispelled by her three key points: urgency, opportunity and competition.

We have an urgent message, an unparalleled opportunity to spread it, and the competition is as fierce as it ever was in the marketplace of ideas and ideologies. This is why the work of Big Bible in general and its digidisciple programme in particular matter so much. As 2011 nears its end, I would like to express my gratitude to the creative and thoughtful minds behind the digidisciple programme. We are not virtual disciples, because our commitment is real. However, we are disciples in the truest sense – those who are defined by their commitment to the one they follow and their desire to learn from him.

I have always felt that the roadsign below typifies what discipleship is all about. It is a shared journey, where the younger ones benefit from the wisdom and experience of the other. At the same time the older and wiser ones can benefit from the vigour and courage of the younger ones.  The road of digital discipleship beckons for 2012 – you coming?

Image: Creative Commons