…but old comms writ large

Yesterday I read an article by Maurilio Amorim on the challenges of communicating with a new generation.  The article starts well enough with arresting phrases such as ‘world is one large media bucket ‘. However, by the time I reached the end I was reminded of Milton’s phrase from the 17th Century that ‘New presbyter is but old priest writ large’. Of course it is true that our rate of information transfer has expanded exponentially. Of course it is true that ‘ information seeks and finds us whenever we are‘.  That aside, though, aren’t the rules governing effective communication the same as they ever were?

In Amorim’s post we are told that:

  • Publishers must be aware of the competitive world beyond the printed page.
  • Educators must recognise that education is more than the recital of facts.
  • Pastors and preachers must develop an understanding of the timeline of faith.
  • Employers must acknowledge that there is more to the life of their employees than the workplace.
  • Parents must help their children to develop a moral compass, rather than just dressing them in moral armour.

These are all valid points – but are any of them new?

I believe that discussions in this area in 2012 and beyond will need to focus less on what we do in communications (which will always be fundamentally the same) and more on what we are. As Homo Iunctus (connected humankind), how do we actually understand ourselves?

Image: getdigital.de