Yesterday I was reading tech review full of predictions for 2012. There was much to savour in the review, but this comment from  Ben Holmes of Index Ventures, really caught my imagination:

I think increasingly the smartphone is becoming a sort of remote control for the world around you.

I wonder to what extent that is true? Certainly for many of us the smartphone is a kind of life support system. Without it we feel cut off from the world about us. On its little illuminated screen we read the global news, catch up on the local news from the digital neighbourhood, project our hopes and aspirations out into cyberspace, and seek to be a good companion to our fellow travellers.  Personally I am not so sure about the idea of the smartphone as a remote control, since that speaks more of influence than communication. That might feel different, though, if I were using the kind of apps which allow me to set a TV programme to record remotely, or control my finances whilst on the move.

Maybe the Adam Sandler film Click (2006) was ahead of its time? Click on the poster below for another still from the film.


So, what do you think of Holmes’ description? In what sense does your smartphone act as a ‘remote control for your world? Comments welcome.