Finding the Disciple’s Way

Towards the end of last year, I started to search in earnest for a discipleship course for use here at the church. We shall pilot it in the first three months of the year for the whole church, and then it will become part of our ongoing programme for new Christians thereafter. However, the more I looked, the more like Goldilocks I felt. Every course I looked at was too long or too short or too shallow or too profound. Maybe I would have to write one?

Over the years it has been my contention that Evangelical Christians have allowed the whole idea of pilgrimage to be hijacked by the ecumenical movement. Instead of plundering its rich seam of themes around the journey, the discovery of self along the way and how the journey changes the traveller – we have left it to others. This is a shame, surely?

Out of these thoughts, the Disciple’s Way was born. If you click on the course logo below, you will see the individual symbols for each topic to be covered. The six topics are: leaving home; provisions for the journey; keeping in touch; the rules of the way; companions on the journey and journey’s end.

We start the course on Wednesday night by watching Emilio Estevez’ brilliant film The Way. The film charts the journey of four unlikely characters – a grieving optician, a failed writer, an overweight Dutchman and a battered wife on the historic pilgrimage across Spain to Santiago di Compostella. Along the way we see the flaws in each one’s character, and each learns more about themselves than they expected. Their arrival in the cathedral at Santiago is a cinematic moment to savour.  None of the four characters are perfect, and there is a lot more swearing and drinking along the way than you would expect at most church events. Then again, maybe that’s how it is with the Disciple’s Way. A trailer for the film follows below, and please feel free to contact me via  comments if you would like to know more about the course as it progresses.