An expensive investment

In a Big Bible post earlier this week I said that sometimes it could be unwise for a blogger to comment too swiftly on a story lest they end up embarrassed by their response. In other words, the rush to comment and be topical can actually be a rush headlong into trouble. German car manufacturer BMW know all about that this week. They paid 299 Euros to have the incoming cold front named after their new ‘Cooper’ car on German weather forecasts. The naming of weather fronts after individuals or companies has been an established practice in Germany for over half a century, and has now has the catchy “adopt-a-vortex” name.

BMW may feel they have dropped into such a vortex as the death toll for for ‘their’ cold front mounts above 100. Of course the tragedy is far more personal than corporate – and the human cost matters far more than any corporation’s red face. All the same, it doesn’t feel much like ‘vorsrprung’ to me…