Confession of a pith hunter

Many years ago a lecturer at my College gave the advice to preachers that they should ‘preach about God and preach about 20 minutes’.  Given the brevity of the human attention span, even 20 minutes might be pushing it. I am constantly on the look out for great examples of pithy and uncluttered communication.

Last night I had the television muted during an ad break. However, the commercial below grabbed my attention so vigorously that I remembered over 90 minutes later who it was by, and immediately researched it on-line.


Psyop, the company behind this beautiful little animation, say that they serve their clients by ‘telling compelling stories and building engaging worlds, using whatever techniques and media are appropriate’.  Does that sound a bit like the Apostle Paul saying that he would use ‘all means to gain some’ to you? (1 Corinthians 9 v.22)

Whether you are pushing envelopes, thinking outside boxes,  imagining blue skies or heading into some blissfully cliché-free place today- may your message be uncluttered and attractive.