The Sun, the Son and the Archbishop

Back in the year 359, when the First Council of Constantinople was meeting, the following item was reputedly on the agenda:

If a fly falls into holy water – is the fly sanctified or the water desecrated?

This week we appear to be having the same debate. The water has now become the Sun on Sunday, the fly has become an Archbishop, and the question is further complicated because the fly flew in of his own volition. That said – the issue may still be the same.

Has Archbishop John Sentamu served the Kingdom of God by writing about “The God of new beginnings” in public, or undermined that same Kingdom by doing so in a newspaper tarnished by sexism, sensationalism and gossip?

Others more erudite than I have already discussed this in blog posts yesterday, and I would not want to detract from what they have said.

I am left with one question, though. Whilst the church worthies were discussing flies and chalices within the walls of Constantinople the world went on with its business outside. I wonder how much John Sentamu’s column is being discussed outside the church?