The beauty of a simple idea

Just when fanfares heralding the demise of the printed book reach a crescendo on World Book Day, along comes French inventor, Oscar L’Hermitte, with an idea of devastatingly simple proportions.  Hermitte’s ingenious little bookmark may well prove to the Tetrapak of the book world.  This quirky little piece of polyester moves position along with the reader, and automatically repositions itself every time the book is shut. (You can watch a demonstration here). For a person whose bookmark regularly parts company with his book down the side of the sofa/bed/desk this could well prove to be a vital little piece of plastic.

Sometime in the not too distant future when a small child asks innocently ‘did there used to be paper books?’, make sure you have the Albatros bookmarked on your browser – then you can show them that there used to be proper bookmarks too!