An innovation in the cemetery?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of all things digital. The possibilities for connectivity and the scope for creativity are enormous. That said, the innovation below, from an American monumental mason, seems a bit much even for me. The company in question are offering a new service in ‘internet connected memorials’ where a QR code is added to the relevant gravestone. This code than then be scanned with a smartphone or tablet, and it will take the cemetery visitor directly to a personalised website for the deceased. The website can include the whole gamut of digital possibilities, from a standard obituary to a video messages. If you click on the image below it will take you to the product video, with its footage of a family outing to the graveside, along with Ipad.

There’s no doubting that the technology is clever, and that some will find it helpful – so why am I so uncomfortable? Maybe it is the sense that a monument should mark another person’s passing, rather than acting as a gateway to their continued presence? In this regard I tend to find photos on tombstones a little strange too – since they necessarily capture the person at just one moment out of all their days on earth. To me a gravestone is a place to quietly remember a person’s past, rather than to interact with their digital present.

Am I being a digital dinosaur – or do others feel the same?