One to avoid?

Those of you who scroll right to the bottom of this page will find that I am listed with ebuzzing. This social media platform analyses some 2 million blogs in Europe, and produces a monthly ranking on the basis of content, shares, dynamic links and other factors. This month my listing is at :

I suppose out of 2 million it’s not too bad, but there are plenty of my Christian sisters and brothers around the world who would be horrified to bear such a ranking.  The problem all goes back to this verse in Revelation 13 v.18:

 If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.

Over the years Christians have sometimes shown an abject fear of that number. They have refused plane tickets or apartment numbers which bear it, they have eschewed bar codes in case they contain it, and they have wasted away fruitless hours on speculating about formulae through which they might calculate it. Given that the aim of John’s Revelation was to encourage embattled Christians and to keep their minds on the job of serving Jesus, this seems unfortunate.

So, I shall bear this unfortunate ranking with good humour. I would like to assure any readers that it does not imply I am blogging  on behalf of some evil syndicate, nor that I have some hidden agenda. I’m sure it will change soon – either up or down. I suppose that depends on you…