Mr Scrimshaw plays the collaboration card

I am not a long distance runner. In fact, I am not really any kind of runner. Last time I had a sabbatical I took it upon myself to train for a 10km run, injured my ankle, and was eventually told by a doctor that it was the wrong kind of exercise for me, and pulled out of the event.

At present I am in the midst of an ‘event’ from which I have no intention of departing early. As explained in a previous post, I am engaged in writing a book entitled: Jonah: poet in extremis. The book’s aim is to rescue the story from the children’s book basket into which many have tossed it, and to bring its frightening and adult themes to life.

The book is now half-way written, and I am beginning to flag. I have touched on all the key themes which made me write the book in the first place, and now I need to deepen and lengthen what I have to say about them. At this point, I have decided to turn to the collaborative intention which led to the foundation of the Scrimshaw Group. You will find my request below the video.

First of all, a little explanation of this film. I showed it as part of the recent Disciple’s Way series, when we were considering the topic of ‘companions on the journey’. For many attending the course it symbolized the absolute necessity of companions on the journey, especially when the going is tough.

I am asking all readers of this blog to let me know the ONE reason why the book of Jonah means something to you. In so doing, you will be my companions on the race – and enable me to complete it. If you have access to Twitter, please tweet @MrScrimshaw using the #jonah1 hashtag. If not, your comments below would be appreciated.

Thank you for your companionship.