Borne not worn

Around the world  yesterday Christians of every description were holding Good Friday services. In different ways which respect their different traditions they focused on the cross – carried by Jesus, and then bearing Jesus in its turn.  However it is done, these are moments to remember an act of supreme sacrifice by the one who bore it all on behalf of others.  Those who made a journey around the stations of the cross, either on-line or offline , will have paused to remember Christ staggering under the weight of the cross, stumbling, and eventually making his way to the place of crucifixion.

With all that still ringing in our minds, is there not something slightly distasteful about the public debate on whether or not we should be allowed to wear the cross? Surely Christ only ever said we were to bear it, not wear it? If we turn the wearing of the cross into a litmus test of Christian identity, do we not remove the nation’s focus from those things which should be a more authentic measure of our Christ-like identity?

I suspect that colleagues at work and neighbours in our communities would rather judge our Christian authenticity by what we say and do  than what we wear.