Assaying the quality of faith

I’ve always thought of the resurrection as the touchstone of our faith, without fully understanding what that meant.  As  I prepared to preach on 1 Corinthians 15 in the context of this Easter’s particular challenges, I decided to investigate it a little more thoroughly.

The touchstone below is made of black lydian, a very hard stone with an abrasive surface. A sample of the gold to be assayed is dragged across it, leaving a trace behind. That trace can then be tested with acids and its colour measured against agreed prior standards. Tested against the abrasion of the touchstone, the quality of the gold is there for all to see.

As Paul rightly pointed out to his friends and detractors in Corinth – our faith is a resurrection faith or no faith at all. Its quality will be shown as it collides with the abrasive reality of life.

On this resurrection day,  thank God for the tombstone rolled away, and pray for the traces of faith we leave behind us.