Sounds far-fetched?

At the Edinburgh international Science Festival this week, Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman has launched his Dream:On app for smartphones. This eerily clever little app senses the movement of the person sleeping to detect when they are dreaming.  It then plays the particular sounds which the dreamer has selected in order to create their perfect dream. In the morning they can review a graph of their movement when sleeping, submit their dream experience to Prof Wiseman’s Dream Bank, and rather oddly allows them to ‘ tag any of your friends who appeared in your dreams via Facebook’.  I’m not sure that is something I would want to do, even in the interests of psychological research!

We replaced our television recently, and it has a power saving feature whereby it turns the picture off if it thinks the watcher is asleep. It is very green, but does rather create the impression that you need to watch your programmes dynamically in order to keep the television happy! Being watched over by your technology, rather than the other way round, can be distinctly unnerving.

I wonder what Joseph the dreamer would think of the Dream:ON application? I think he was probably better off with his dream-coat, and he learnt a few choice lessons about the danger of ‘tagging’ friends and family in his dreams too!