Retro chic or plain daft?

Design-savvy people often like to rave about the relative merits of different fonts. For reasons I have never fathomed, comic sans is an anathema to them, and various other fonts come in for a beating too.

I wonder what they would make of this little invention, by American artist Jack Zyklin? His explanation for the USB typewriter is that typewriters were used to craft documents which really mattered, whereas modern inventions such as the ipad you see sitting in the carriage below are all too often responsible for ephemera. Really?

Surely those who produced the world’s greatest literature used the technology which was available to them at the time – whether that was quill pens or gargantuan typewriters? Literature which endures is the product of thought which endures and the technology is irrelevant, don’t you think?

Image: - click for more details

That said, it is strangely appealing…