A story of growing up

In the midst of a hectic week I have been trying to get my head around the first sermon in a new series entitled ‘What happened next’. In it we shall look at the later lives of many people who have a famous ‘God moment’ in Scripture to see what happened next. Ruth’s declaration of loyalty is renowned – but how did the story progress? And what of Stephen, or Nehemiah..or Mary? Following on from the Disciple’s way, this is all about continuing the journey of faith, ensuring that God’s investment in us pays dividends.

As I prepare to embark on this series about continuance and maturity, I find myself constantly drawn back to Frans Hoffmeester’s film below. Throughout the past twelve years, every Saturday, he has filmed his daughter. He has then edited those clips into the two-and-a-half minute film you see below. He says that this is the ‘ the most photographed and filmed generation ever’, but then goes on to ask ‘what are we actually doing with these pictures?’ The use he has made of them has attracted a global audience.

Without a doubt my favourite element of the film is the final frame, bearing the words ‘to be continued’. As I prepare to preach on Philippians 1 v.6, they will definitely be in my mind.