Paul and the Guinness advert

Earlier this morning I was speaking in church about ‘the domino effect’ where one thing leads to another, and another and another. For the Apostle Paul this happened when preaching led to arrest, which led to imprisonment, which led to a prison ship, which led to shipwreck, which led to a fire on the beach…which led to a snake bite. At that point the narrative holds its breath as people wait so see ‘if he will swell up and die’. He does not, and the story continues. His is a great example of how to trust God when the dominoes fall.

The short film below is nothing if not memorable. At the time of filming in 2007, the advert below was the most expensive ever made. Filmed high up in the  mountains of Argentina, the statistics are amazing:

  • A cast of 1000, none of whom had ever been filmed before
  • 10,000 books
  • 400 tyres
  • 75 mirrors
  • 50 fridges
  • 45 wardrobes
  • 6 cars
  • 6000 dominoes, which took 3 people 2 days to set up – and 14 seconds to knock down
  • 24 hours of film edited to 90 seconds
All this to sell a pint of Guinness? It takes more that that to keep me going when the dominoes start to fall…