The One Street Tweeter

Those of you familiar with the Old Testament book of Daniel will remember the moment when King Belshazzar gets his come-uppance. As the king thumbs his nose at God’s holiness, swilling wine with his concubines from looted temple goblets – a hand appears on the wall and writes ‘you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting’.  History attests that the same night a great feast was held in the palace – Belshazzar’s kingdom fell. Rembrandt’s painting, below, captures the horror and fear on the king’s face as the writing appears:

Image: wikimedia commons

Ever since then, the phrase ‘writing on the wall’ has become synonymous with speaking truth to power. In what American charity One describe as ‘the perfect combination of analogue and digital‘, citizens of Maryland (and elsewhere) have been encouraged to tweet in their messages for global leaders meeting at the G8 summit. Their wonderful One Street Tweeter contraption then paints those messages on the street in bio-degradable paint. All is explained in the short video below.  If you would like to add your message to the streets -then tweet them at @OneStreetTweet.

I wonder what message Daniel(or some of the other Old Testament prophets, for that matter) might have tweeted in?