Olympic folly?

Earlier this morning I overheard a story on the radio about Olympic Torch Bearers for London 2012 selling their torches on Ebay. I pursued the story a little and found that indeed it was so. One runner in particular, who had been nominated to run for charity, was selling her torch and torch-bearer’s outfit for the charity she loves. Whilst I am not sure I could equal her sacrifice, her motives seem entirely in keeping with the charity she represents. She is more interested in the charity’s ongoing work than in owning a piece of history.

Digging a little further, I found the following item on Ebay.

If you click on the photo and visit the item, you will find that the seller has been completely transparent in describing this as a photo of the torch. All three questions at the base of the item ask whether this is a photo or the item itself – and all are told that it is just a photo, and can be produced in any size.

Given that this is so – can someone explain why over 70 people have bid nearly £151,000 for it? Unlike another ‘photo’ bid, it does not appear to be selling for charity – so what is the explanation?

Maybe “gullibility” has been added as a sport for London 2012?