Ingenuity in the extreme

Years ago, when he finally returned from his captivity as a hostage in the Lebanon, Terry Waite declared his belief in the importance of ‘redeeming suffering’. In other words, we need to take adversity and do our utmost to fashion it into something which will serve us rather than oppress us. Of this, Mr Waite is a shining example.

I have just come across the story of French motorist Emile Leray. When redirected on his journey through Morocco owing to civil unrest, he decided to make his own way through the desert in his Citroen 2CV. The car broke down, and he found himself stranded a long way from anywhere. With a limited supply of food and drink in the useless car, he made camp. Over the next three days he constructed the motorbike which you see below out of the 2CV, fashioning simple tools from the car itself. It may be a little unorthodox – which is exactly what the local police said when at last he hove in sight on his contraption – but at least it got him home!

You can find the full report, with additional photos, here. My favourite phrase of the whole report, though, is here: ‘Dans le désert, rien n’est définitivement perdu, surtout pour celui qui sait trouver… ‘. (In the desert nothing is entirely lost,especially for someone who knows where to look’.

Ain’t that the truth?