Something for the sole

There are many mysteries about Google, including why they have workstations in cable cars, how their algorithms are formed, and the dark arts of SEO. However, the screenshot below is surely more than a merely technical mystery?

If you type “Christian” into Google, then the follow-me facility will ensure that exclusive shoe-designer Christian Louboutin cones to the top of the list.( Try it now) Click on the image below and you may find that the next page of said website makes you even more uncomfortable with the result!

There is no doubting that the shoes, with their distinctive red soles, are elegant in the extreme. An exhibition at the design museum describes them as the embodiment of ‘style, glamour, power, femininity and elegance.’ Providing you have the right budget (over £500 as a starting price) I am sure that they are all that and more.

My issue here is not with M, Louboutin. My concern is that somehow the most radical, life-enhancing, world-changing message in the world has fallen at the SEO hurdle to a haute couture cobbler! Right now, as I type, there are programmes motivated by Christian faith which are  feeding the hungry, comforting the bereaved and consoling the prisoner, to say nothing of salvation and forgiveness.

And yet…

Image: Google. Click to see MORE