Paragraph planet

Tomorrow I have a short story (75 words) appearing on Paragraph Planet – one of numerous ‘flash fiction’ sites available. These sites encourage people to write micro-fiction which can then be distributed on the web. I’m all for this, in that it encourages creativity. I’m all for it too, when 75 words seems a lot more attainable than the 20,000 I have yet to write on my next book.

Can you really say anything worthwhile in 75 words, though? Maybe we’ll let Indira Ghandi, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Franklin D Roosevelt, John F kennedy, Neil Armstrong and Nelson Mandela answer that. Below is a wordle made up of just 75 of their words. Can you pick them out?

Just 75 words…

My friend Professor  Mike Graves says that any piece of writing, including a sermon or story is just “26 letters strategically arranged”. The trick, of course, is in the arranging.