Hopefully not

From next week this blog is moving to WordPress.org, where it will be hosted on richardlittledale.me.uk.  I can assure you that this is not a bid for internet stardom, the launch of a Richard Littledale brand, or anything of the sort. Ever since I launched this blog in the Autumn of 2009, my intention has been that it should be a discursive place. I have sought to create an environment where ideas and opinions can be aired, free from the obligation to polish them before putting them on display. When I first started blogging, I was told by a far more experienced blogger that I would “know you are getting it right when people start disagreeing with you”. And so, in the words of the King James Bible – it came to pass!

It is really the discursive nature of the blog which has led to this change.  Last month I published a post on here about the dangers of offensive humour online, and one commenter responded to me pointing out that the very point I was making was undermined by the adverts surrounding the post:

Hi Rev
Who is responsible for the ads on your blog?
The one I got was LMFAO Sexy and I know it.
Then it changed to something else.
Kind of undermines the very good point you make in the blog

Since the adverts have been invisible to me, as site administrator, I was unaware of them until they were pointed out – a bit like a dodgy brake light on your car which you never see. That comment set off a chain of investigations about how I could free the site from the blight of unwelcome, and maybe unsavoury advertisements. The net result has been next week’s move to wordpress.org. This is in itself a good demonstration of blog as interactive community and not just static site

Some people make the move because they want more control over the appearance of their site, or the flexibility to include more widgets and even market goods from it. For me, these things are less important. What matters is the integrity of the site and its content – and for that I have made the move.

If you are a regular visitor to the blog, you might like to amend your bookmark to  richardlittledale.me.uk . Otherwise, just follow the usual address and you will be redirected.

Here’s to the onward journey…