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Got the bottle

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of understated design. Last year Hong Kong design student Jonathan Mak Long, shot to fame when he paid graphic tribute to Steve Jobs on the day his death was announced. Long’s reworking of the apple design, with Steve Jobs’ profile where the bite should be  went around the world in a matter of moments. (For a reminder, click here)

It was spotted by advertising agency Ogilvy, and they commissioned him to work on the Coca Cola ‘open happiness’ campaign in China.  When you see the design, below, it is no wonder that it is proving popular. It takes a minute to spot the bottle – but throughout that minute Ogilvy have your attention. I shall look forward to seeing his work in the UK too.

I suspect this tale of good design rewarded would be one of which the late Mr Jobs would have approved.

Help Japan

Sometimes preachers get seduced by the power of the visual, as if it will make otherwise dull words fascinating – it will not.  Other times they ignore it at their peril, thereby disenfranchising many of those who listen to them. There is a place, though, for elegantly understated visual material, as seen in James White’s poster design below.


Like many of us, this gifted designer has watched aghast at the series of calamities rocking the nation of Japan. Not only that, but he has found a way to put his particular talents to work in designing and selling this poster. Isn’t that something we are always urging people to do in the church – making their particular contribution, rather than envying someone else’s?

If you love the image, why not visit the site and order a poster?

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