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The votes are in…

As discussed in Saturday’s post, the nature of digital fellowship means that the life of the sermon need not be over once it is preached. The trip through Revelation in three paintings began on this blog on Friday. Since then numerous visitors have been looking at it, and some commenting on it. Last night, however, was the acid test.

Until it is preached a sermon is like an unplayed symphony or an untasted recipe. How did this pictorial introduction to Revelation actually go down?

Everyone attending the service was given a small children’s brick on arrival. At the end of the service, they were asked to place the brick in one of two boxes. The ‘clear’ box meant that they felt clearer about Revelation on account of this approach, and the ‘mud’ box meant that they felt more muddled, or felt that it had been otherwise unhelpful. This was a deeply unscientfic way of measuring response, but had the advantages that it was anonymous, fun, and accessible!

There were 28 bricks in the clear box, 1 in the mud box, and 4 other people had discovered that the wonders of sticklebricks allowed them to hedge their bets! I happened to notice that the brick in the ‘mud’ box was placed there by someone with severe visual impairment – a lesson to all of us who love our visual aids.

Seeking direct feedback in this way is without precedent for me. However, it arises out of a desire to explore the possibilities of the digital fellowship I outlined in Saturdays post. If we share the journey and the graft with each other – can we not benefit from sharing the feedback too? ‘How did it go’ is a question we would naturally ask face to face, so why not ask it online?

Of course, if there had been 28 bricks in the mud box, I might feel differently…

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